A Prayer For Strength


How often we lack the strength that the day, circumstance, decision, task, and demands. How often we find ourselves trying to muster a strength from within ourselves which can only carry us so far. Lord, how often are You the last one that we look to for the things that we need. Father, we don't understand why You allow us to go through so many of the things that we do. How often would our ways and plans be different. Yet, Father, we desire your will above our own and when our desire is not for what you desire, we know that you understand that we are but dust. Please, we pray, grant us the strength which we do not have. Grant us that special strength that only comes from above that we, too, may glory in the cross of Your Son. Take what is a blessing and bless us with it. Take what is a trial and bless us with it. Take what is an adversity and bless us with it. Give us strength as we learn to trust. For Your name's sake, for Your glory, for Your children.

In the name of Your beloved Son,


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