Today's Prayer: A Prayer of Worship


We come to You with grateful hearts, O LORD! How magnificent are Your ways and Your dealings with man! Our minds could never comprehend You yet You came down to our level by means of Your Son so that we could truly have a relationship with You. How blessed we are, Lord. No depth of riches, prestige, or earthly success could ever match what You have already done for us. Father, we are eternally grateful. May today our minds focus on what we have in You, not what temporal desires we would relish in even for only a few brief moment. God, You know what is good for You are good. You know what we need for You are what we need. Thank you for choosing us for Your own good pleasure. Thank You for making us Your very own. May we live everyday in light of these eternal truths, Father. We glorify Your name today. We desire, this day, to be living testimonies of praise for what You have done in and through us. Lord, we worship You today. May our praise be acceptable in Your sight. We are Your children.

Through Jesus we pray,


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